We get a lot of questions, which is great! Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact form below.
Is $750 for Real?

Yep, completely 100% legit. Here’s the deal, we know there are plenty of other design agencies out there that are charging 10x or more than we are charging and they are doing a great job as well. All we are trying to do is cover our costs to build your site, not get rich. Our bills are paid by our parent company, Grace at Work, which is a full-service media agency for small business as well as your monthly managed hosting payment.

Won't Our Website End Up Looking Like Everyone Else's Website?

That is a very fair question, which we take very seriously. First, we will make sure that there is never another church near you that uses the same theme that we use on your website. This will help keep your website from looking like other churches in your area and won’t cause any brand confusion. Secondly, we can customize the colors and fonts for your website at no additional charge; it is included in the $750 set-up fee.

Can We See Some of Your Previous Work?

Of course! We are proud of the sites we have built for our church clients. While it would be overkill to list them all, here are some of the more recent ones:

How Do I Choose the Theme We Want to Use?
Excellent question! There are so many themes available for WordPress that it can be difficult to wade through the all—ChurchWeb has done the hard work for you. We have found the best themes that work great for churches and have worked to develop them so that they will be the best fit for you and your church. We’ll help you choose a theme by asking you some questions regarding your design preferences, match your answers to the themes we use, and give you a few options that you can choose from.
We Don't Have a Logo, Can you Help?
We have worked with a number of churches to help them create their logos and ultimately what is considered their look and brand. Though branding is not included in your start-up $750 cost, we would be happy to help you create your new look and logo. Our pricing for logos and branding start at $299. If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch with us.
Does Our New Website Come With Online Giving?
As more of people’s lives become digital, online giving has become more of a norm for the church. There are options for online giving that we can include with your website for free, as well as some advanced options that we believe give a better online experience that will cost to implement. If this is something you are interested in, please bring this up in your consultation.
What About Email with Our Domain?
We believe it is gives a professional appearance for a church to use email addresses that are using your domain ( While the cost to roll this type of email out is not included in your monthly costs, our parent company Grace at Work can help with this. Costs for email can vary, as well as how it is implemented. If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch and we can help you with the best solution for you and your church.
Is Podcasting of our Sermons Included?
Yes, podcasting and a robust sermon manager are included. We use a few different sermon managers, all of them are plugins. We use plugins because you can take it with you from WordPress website to WordPress website. While many of the themes we use have built-in sermon players, we’ve chosen to not use those because you can not take them with you to another theme when you choose to change your design. Most plugins we use simply by themselves are $100, but it is included at no extra cost to you as a part of your $500 one-time start up cost.
I'm a Bit Techy, Talk to Me About Your Servers?
Sweet! We love talking about technology. The servers we use are Linode servers but managed through Flywheel. Every website has dedicated space and resources to the server, meaning that you don’t have to share with 1000’s of other websites. The advantage here is that if another website gets super popular and takes away server resources, your website doesn’t suffer. There are multiple levels of caching used to keep your website super fast (our stack looks like: NGINX, Varnish, Apache, Memcache, and MySQL). This server is suitable for any church that has 30,000 page views per month or less, which is almost every single church we work with. The location of your server as long as your church is in the United States will be in Newark, New Jersey.
Do I Get Access to the Server?
Sort of…we’ll give you access to your files through SFTP, but we don’t give you root access to the server itself. You’ll also have access to the database of your website if you like, but most churches won’t need that kind of access.
Who Owns Our Website & Content?
That is an excellent and very fair question…and very easy to answer—you do. Even though your content and materials are on our servers, you own the content and retain ownership of it, including any domains that are registered through ChurchWeb.
Not That We Are Planning To, But How Would We Cancel?
Of course we don’t want to see you go, but we understand that sometimes that is going to happen. If you need to cancel, you can submit a cancelation request through our online form and the reason for cancellation (we want to make sure it wasn’t something we did). We’ll terminate your monthly charges starting with the next month. As for your website, we’ll package up all the files and the database and make them available to you to take with you to your new host.

Question Not Answered?

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