ChurchWeb vs. Shared Hosting

Why $49 Per Month For Hosting When I Can Get It Elsewhere for Under $10?

This is one of the more popular questions that we field at ChurchWeb, and we’re happy to explain the price gap. At ChurchWeb, our hosting is more than hosting, which is why we call it managed hosting. While it is true that your church could go to GoDaddy and sign-up for website hosting for less than $10, what you are going to get for that $10 is not close to comparable to what ChurchWeb will give you. Perhaps this is best illustrated in a table of what traditional shared hosting is versus what ChurchWeb managed hosting is, but first, an explanation of shared hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

When you sign-up with most companies for hosting under $15/month, you are signing up for shared hosting. This means that your website is on a server with hundreds, if not thousands of other websites. You are sharing all the resources of that server, and you are sharing an IP address for that server. So while this might be good for a little while, the effects of such a set-up can hurt your website. For example, if another website on that shared server gets popular, it means a slower website for you since more of the system resources are being directed to the other site. If a website on that server gets hacked and starts to spam the world, the IP address will likely be blacklisted, which will cause a drop in your search engine rankings.


ChurchWeb Shared Hosting
Dedicated Server Resources, including solid state hard drives Shared Server Resources, rarely using solid state hard drives
ChurchWeb keeps your website software & plugins up to date to prevent security breaches and hacking. Shared website hosts make you keep your software and plugins up to date.
As long as you host with ChurchWeb, we include the use of over $250 in premium plugins and yearly renewals on your themes. Shared hosting doesn’t include any premium plugins and you’ll pay every year to license your theme.
ChurchWeb runs automatic backups and keeps your site backed up to a separate server, retaining 30 days of backups. With a shared host you are responsible to keep the website backed-up yourself.
ChurchWeb takes website security very seriously. We use premium services to make sure your site is always secure. We also issue an SSL certificate for no additional cost for every site. Most shared servers do very little for security and leave it to you. Many will charge you anywhere from $25 to $100 a year for an SSL certificate.
With ChurchWeb you get expert advice from a pastor who has built over 200 church websites. A shared host will offer you no advice for how your church website should be built.
ChurchWeb has taken the hard work out of sifting through thousands of themes, to bring you the best themes suited for a church. A shared host will offer you no help with what themes are best for your church.
ChurchWeb offers you all of the post-launch support you need to keep your website up to date and functioning great. You get no website support from a shared host, only server support.

Greg DietrichGreg is the owner of Grace at Work, ChurchWeb, and a pastor at Covenant Community Church in Philadelphia. He’s been building websites for churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations for over a decade. Greg is married to Michelle and they have one daughter, Scarlette Evangeline.

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