I’m Greg, and I’m a web designer & developer who wants to help your church give an awesome first impression.

It has been said that the front door of your church has been relocated it is now at your Internet address. I believe this is true for most churches. People will visit your church online before they will visit your church in person. There are many reasons why a church should consider a new website, but one of the biggest is that their current website simply has been neglected.

This is the main reason why I created ChurchWeb. I don’t want the front door of your church to look like you’ve abandoned it. With ChurchWeb we will work with you to create a new front door to your church that looks inviting and is easy to use. We promise! Every website we build is built using WordPress, one of the world’s easiest to update website platforms.

ChurchWeb is a unique web development agency in that it caters specifically to the church. We are also unique because we are owned and operated by a pastor who has built hundreds of church websites. This positions ChurchWeb to know exactly what a church website should be, making your new website exactly what you need.

Where We’ve Come From

ChurchWeb is owned by a parent company, Grace at Work LLC. Greg started Grace at Work in 2006 as a technology consulting company in Virginia Beach, VA, while finishing seminary. Upon finishing school he moved to Philadelphia and brought his company and knowledge with him. In 2009 Greg was recruited to help start an online school at a Christian university in Wisconsin. It was there that his love for web, media, and marketing grew to help round out what Grace at Work has become.

Grace at Work is a full web and media shop specializing in bringing small businesses the digital tools they need, on a budget.

ChurchWeb has been born out of Grace at Work to focus specifically on churches. Greg noticed a growing trend among agencies marketing themselves to churches: they either charged too much money up front, charged too much money per month, or they blew the budget with dozens of a la carte options. ChurchWeb was created to bring a balance to these trends.

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So now that you know a little bit about us and what we do, how can we help you?



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